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Supply Shortages and Backorders

Westwords staff profile avatarsLike nearly every industry, we are seeing unprecedented supply shortages and backorders across our national network of warehouses and manufacturers. While many of our high quality products remain in steady supply, some products are experiencing production and distribution delays.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through these exceptionally challenging times. When it is possible, we will substitute items in place of like items, for example an Essential sport gray T-shirt or an Essential navy blue hoodie. However, many of our products are uniquely curated and do not have a similar item that meets our standard for quality and design.

In the event that we do not have an in-stock date within 2 weeks of your order, or we cannot quickly make a substitution on a backordered item, we will cancel the item in your order and issue you a refund for it. With the uncertainty of supply, this will allow us to keep orders moving through the production process and we just don’t feel right holding your money without a clear path for fulfilling your order.

Further, we will do our best to share any in-stock timing information we have with you and make note on the store for others to see as well.

Thank you again!
Wade & Paula West, and the entire Kenosha Spiritwear team